ComfortPack | Ocular Anesthesia For Intravitreal Injections
The Patient Preferred Choice

Needle-free Ocular Anesthesia

The ComfortPack™ is the result of our partnership with ophthalmologists to provide a better solution for anesthetizing the eye. The ComfortPack is a dependable and efficient choice for your practice and your patients.

Save Money

The ComfortPack pledget solution is extremely cost-effective. Eliminating wasteful use and spend on multiple anesthetic products that aren’t as effective.

#1 Choice in Surgery and Clinic

Effective anesthesia that’s easier on your patient’s eyes and easier for you to manage. The strung pledget is a multi-use product in surgery and in the clinic.

Help Patients

The ComfortPack comes in a sterile pouch keeping patients safe and lowering the risk of infection while offering the same effective anesthesia of comparable alternatives.



Once I began using the ComfortPack, my patients began to consistently tell me that my injections were some of the most comfortable they experienced. ComfortPack works above and beyond any other approach.Dr. Michael McAllister M.D., Confluence Health
The patients effectively numb, you're reducing patient time in the room, reducing patient discomfort. Patients are happier, the staff are happier, the doctor is happier. It's been a real good solution for us here.Dr. Corey Westerfeld M.D., Medical Director, Eye Health Vision Centers
The ComfortPack is fast and effective. The ComfortPack doesn’t only eliminate pain it eliminates the feeling of pressure, making it the best choice. 95% of our patients find the ComfortPack much more comfortable than what we were previously doing.Diana Lozowski CSTA, Claris Vision

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The SMART Choice For You and Your Practice

The ComfortPack increases patient comfort, saves money, saves time and increases productivity and efficiency in your office. See Dr. Corey Westerfeld discuss the benefits the ComfortPack has brought to their large 5 office practice.

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