ComfortPack | Lidocaine Eye Drops For Intravitreal Injections
The Patient Preferred Choice

Needle-free Ocular Anesthesia for Intravitreal Injection

The ComfortPack™ is the result of our partnership with ophthalmologists to provide a better solution for anesthetizing the eye prior to intravitreal injections. The Comfort Pack is the dependable and efficient choice for you and your patients.

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Save Money & Stop Waste

The ComfortPack pledget application solution stops wasteful spending on multiple anesthesia products. With precision and execution, you are able to stop significant waste.

Convenience & Predictability

Placement and removal of the pledgets are rapid and effective and can be administered by the staff instead of the ophthalmologist allowing the physician to see other patients.

Patient Preferred Choice

Injections can make patients tense and scared. ComfortPack™ helps keeps patients calm, happy, and, most importantly, pain-free.


How Do Other Options Compare?

Once I began using the ComfortPack, my patients began to consistently tell me that my injections were some of the most comfortable they experienced. ComfortPack works above and beyond any other approach.Dr. Michael McAllister M.D., Confluence Health
The ComfortPack is fast and effective. The ComfortPack doesn’t only eliminate pain it eliminates the feeling of pressure, making it the best choice. 95% of our patients find the ComfortPack much more comfortable than what we were previously doing.Diana Lozowski CSTA, Claris Vision
The SMART Choice For You and Your Practice

Ophthalmologists told us there was "no good solution" to ocular anesthesia. They wanted something that they could always depend on being pain-free for the patient while being easy for staff, saving money and cutting out wasteful use on gels and drops. The ComfortPack is the ONLY solution that achieves that. Happy, pain-free patients increase patient retention rates as well as patient referrals. The ease and quickness of the ComfortPack increases productivity of you and your staff, allowing you to see more patients, increasing patient room turnover and saving you money and time.

Superficial Ocular Anesthetic

Costly topical gel's and drops are superficial and are often used in extremely wasteful amounts, as multiple drops are usually used because of the uncertainty of their effectiveness. Ophthalmologists also suggest that they increase risk of infection. Gels are so thick that anti-septic drops after injections may not penetrate fully to protect against the possibility of infection, leaving you and your patients at risk.

Painful Anesthetic Eye Injections

Intravitreal injections are only pain-free as long as you use an excessive amount of expensive drops and gels because of the uncertainty of their effectiveness. Without knowing the exact accuracy of the gels, patients are terrified they will feel the injection. In addition the increased risk of a hemorrhage in the eye that lasts days to weeks, leaving the patient with an all-around unpleasant experience and more wasteful spending.

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