Do Eye Injections Hurt? An Overview of the Eye Injection Process

do eye injections hurt?

Injecting medication into the eye is performed frequently in ophthalmology practices to get medication where it needs to go to be most effective to treat eye conditions.

do eye injections hurt?

A small volume delivered into the eye can be more effective than a large volume delivered by vein or mouth. This reduces risk and systemic side effects. It also reduces cost as the medications which can be very expensive.

Most of the medications injected into the eye fall into two categories: those that block the growth of new blood vessels and steroids which reduce inflammation.

Will The Eye Injection Hurt?

No, not if the ophthalmologist is using the best products to ensure patient comfort. Ask your ophthalmologist if he’s using the ComfortPack Ocular Anesthetic to ensure you feel no pain.

What to expect when receiving an injection? Your ophthalmologist will numb your eye first using a topical anesthetic. Then apply antiseptic, and give the injection through the pars plana which is located a few millimeters behind the limbus, where the cornea (clear) meets the sclera (white). This part of the eye has no vital structures.

The eye is rinsed and you will be discharged to home. At times some people have surface irritation that can last about one day. Sometimes people see a dark floater that can last about one day.

There can occasionally be a sub-conjunctival hemorrhage, localized bleeding where the needle enters the eye.